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Matte Painting For Filmmakers Project is a resource for Production Companies, VFX Houses and Film Professionals. This site's purpose is to show how film productions can benefit from the speed, efficiency and cost saving that a time proven Matte Painting Methodology can offer. Below are instructional presentations covering both basic and advanced topics within each video.

  • Matte Painting Pipeline

    Matte Painting’s versatility gives them the ability to effectively connect several places in a pipeline.
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  • Matte Painting Workflows

    A Matte Painter’s workflow and tools change based on the needs of a shot or environment.
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  • How Matte Painting Works

    Projecting 2D images on 3D geometry is the backbone of how Matte Painting works.
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  • Why Matte Painting Works

    Matte Painting is Fast, Efficient, Flexible and offers great results at the same time being relatively inexpensive.
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  • A Matte Painter's Skill Set

    Because of a Matte Painter’s wide skill set, they are in a unique position for problem solving.
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  • Matte Dept. Orginization

    Matte Painting Departments are structured differently based on the needs of a production.
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Gnomon Matte Painting DVD Available Now

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To learn more about some of the latest Matte Painting techniques and work flow please consider watching "Advanced Matte Painting Techniques" Gnomon Training Video by Garrett Fry. In that video Garrett gives an in depth, step by step process of the Matte Painting work flow to create full Matte Painted environments for feature film using the latest software, Nuke, Mari and others. It is avalible now from the Gnomon Workshop.

Garrett Fry is a Matte Painter and Concept Artist in the feature film industry. Garrett has filled several roles in feature film such as Senior Matte Painter, Matte Painting Sequence Lead and Matte Painting Technical Lead. Garrett has worked on such films as "The Great Gatsby", "X Men First Class", "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" and "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button".

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